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Injured in an 

Auto Accident?

Seek Treatment Immediately

Some injuries caused by trauma (such as an auto accident) do not present immediate pain or discomfort, but left untreated could cause chronic, long-lasting complications.


The best plan of action is to get a prompt and accurate evaluation. Most insurance companies require an injured person to seek treatment within a set number of days to be eligible for reimbursement of claims. Delaying treatment while waiting to feel better on your own may be both a painful and costly mistake.

We have nearly 30 years of experience in evaluating, treating, and documenting accident injuries. We are here to help you. We recommend that you schedule a consultation today.

Call (941) 371-6824 (OUCH)

EVALUATING:  Patients receive an extensive evaluation, possibly with an order for diagnostic imaging to detect any breaks or injuries. 


TREATING:  From a broad base of knowledge, skills, and experience, we customize your treatment to meet your needs. With compassion and empathy we offer premium holistic treatment modalities to aid in your healing.


DOCUMENTING:  Dr. Howard Van Nostrand is certified by the Florida Bar to teach advanced continuing legal education classes on how to document personal injury treatment. He is the local expert who is teaching the lawyers! You can count on him to document properly and file claims in a timely manner so your insurance company can reimburse you according to your plan.

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