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The reviews below, and many more, can be found on Click Google Reviews to read all that our patients are saying about their experience at East of 75 Chiropractic. If you are a patient of Dr. Howard's, click Google Reviews to write your own review to share your experience with others. 

Lauren Hunt

Our 2-1/2 year old daughter is very verbally delayed. She was saying words, but not many. Others her age are speaking sentences. She had a skull fracture at 7 months old. All the doctors said she had healed well and she'd have no lasting effects, and we had not noticed any. When we became concerned about her speech, it was brought to our attention that the cranial bones could still be out of place and if so could affect the part of her brain that handles speech. We were recommended to go see Dr. Howard. About a week after her first visit we noticed she was saying more words. We weren't sure  if it was our imagination so we started keeping track. We took her back two weeks later for her second visit then again the following week for her third visit. At the end of the third week she was saying double the amount of words she was saying three weeks prior. We have now seen doctor Howard six times and our daughter is able to almost speak in sentences. Some words are still difficult for her to say but now she is able to articulate to where we can understand her and we're able to help her grow and learn in her speech! I was a little skeptical that Cranial Adjustment Treatments would work, but I can honestly say that we have seen a huge improvement in just a month and a half since we've been seeing Dr. Howard! I feel confident that with continued treatment she will continue to speak more and her speech will improve as it already has drastically done! We are very thankful for Dr. Howard and his willingness to help us! I would highly recommend him to anyone with a child who has speech or verbal issues whether that be from an unknown diagnosis or a current diagnosis. For me, it was worth trying something new if we could help her grow and improve and I'm so glad we did!

John Bozer

I injured my back just picking up an HDMI cable to plug into my computer. Obviously, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. I was in debilitating pain and went to see my chiropractor, who treated my back injury the same way she treats me when I go in with any complaint. The treatment did not work.

I was desperate for relief.

A friend recommended Dr. Howard Van Nostrand. 

He sent me for an MRI which showed I have three bulging discs and an annular tear. Under Dr. Howard's care my pain levels have been steadily decreasing. I cannot thank him enough for the tools he has given me to work through the pain without medication--stretches, ice, heat, lying flat on the floor to let gravity do the work, soaking in Epsom salt baths, floating in the pool.... His adjustments, advice, encouragement, and his attentiveness during this crisis have been invaluable to me. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Howard. He treats me with compassion and empathy, like I'm a member of his family.  I highly recommend Dr. Howard Van Nostrand to everyone who is suffering with back pain. 


As a massage therapist and RN, I have worked with many chiropractors and other doctors but never anyone as compassionate and knowledgeable as Dr. Howard. I was having vertigo for months and saw several doctors without any relief, within one week after being adjusted all of my symptoms subsided. He said he adjusted my C2 and wanted to see me the following week but I wasn't able to keep the appointment. I went back the next week and thanked him profusely. His truly caring nature and his funny sense of humor seems more like visiting a friend than seeing a doctor. Highly recommended for all of your health care needs!!! Many blessings, Margie

Renata Ingram

Dr. Howard has been wonderful! He has gone out of his way to help my 9 year old son suffering from headaches and back issues. He is very knowledgeable and extremely determined to find the cause of the problem. He truly cares about my son's well being.

I highly recommend him. 

Edward Fay

Dr. Howard is amazing! In one month many years of injuries have dramatically improved.  Better yet I went to my oncologist for my checkup to get  a refill for my blood thinners and the dose was lowered because of increased blood flow. This was because I mentioned I started seeing a chiropractor. I couldn't be happier with the results and without a doubt I recommend East of 75 Chiropractic. Thank you very much Dr. Howard!

Carol Ann Park

Dr. Howard is a Godsend!  He does treat you like family. He's very personable and really cares about his patients. He takes time to explain and educate us on proper ways to stretch and repair the damages done over the years. I've had severe neck, shoulder and back pain for various reasons, but after only a few visits with Dr. Howard my pain has been subsiding more and more after each visit. Finally!! I would recommend Dr. Howard to anyone! He can help relieve your aches and pains too! Thank you so much Dr. Howard Van Nostrand. 

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